Avenue Scholars

—The Avenue Scholars program is designed to ensure careers for students with hope and need through education and supportive relationships. This program is at North, Northwest, South, Benson, and Bryan High Schools.
—Students are selected at the end of their sophomore year in high school using multiple criteria:
  • —Financial need
  •  Less than a 2.5 grade point average
  • Recommendations from school or a community group
  • Gallup Hope and Well-Being Index score

Avenue Scholars participants meet daily with their “Talent Advisor”, a full-time staff member, during a regularly scheduled class period. During these meetings each student will develop an Avenue Scholar Plan focusing on the areas of academics, career and finances. Upon graduation, Ave Scholars students will enter Metropolitan Community College and will meet with a College Talent Advisor to continue the development of their academic, career and financial plans for success.

To learn more about Avenue Scholars, click here.

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