Goal Setting Program

Students who qualify
Students who participate in the P4K Goal Setting Program must attend one of the 12 Title I elementary schools that is served by Partnership 4 Kids-check out Our Students for an updated list of P4K schools.

All elementary students enrolled in a school served by the P4K agency automatically participate in the P4K Elementary School Program. Find out more about our program activities below:

Academic Goal Setting

The value of setting and achieving goals is taught at every stage of our programming; however the basic skills of goal setting are emphasized with students in grades K-6.

  • Elementary school student goals are set quarterly by their classroom teachers to coincide with each school’s grading system.
  • Elementary school programming takes place during the school day in the classroom.
  • Community volunteers called goal buddies visit students within their classroom twice per school quarter and motivate students to achieve goals in the areas of math, reading, and life skills.

Celebrations & Incentives

We are so proud of the many accomplishments our students are achieving everyday and we recognize their efforts in a variety of ways:

  • Quarterly Goal Achievement Celebrations P4K elementary students participate in school-wide ceremonies, during which medals are awarded to students for reaching academic goals. As an extra incentive, students who meet both academic and life skill goals are entered into drawings for educational prizes.
  • Classroom Incentives As an extra incentive to keep students motivation going for their goals all quarter-long, P4K awards elementary school classrooms with 80% or more students meeting their academic goals quarterly classroom prizes.
  • Parent/Family Participation Family involvement plays an important role in student success. Parents and family members are encouraged to take part in quarterly goal achievement celebrations, summer picnics and parent informational meetings. Parents who participate in these activities are rewarded with family prize drawings and recognition awards.

Summer Reading Program

P4K promotes summer enrichment and goal achievement by partnering with the Omaha Public Library in a summer reading program. Elementary students who complete the summer reading program are recognized during the first quarter Goal Achievement Ceremony. Each student participant’s name is engraved on the Summer Reading Honor Roll plaque to be displayed at their school. Each student participant also receives an age-appropriate book to encourage a life-long love of reading.

Fifth Grade Career Tours

These annual tours are set up through the program’s corporate partners as a means to inspire students to begin thinking about their future career choices. These tours also help students to gain a greater understanding of why good attendance and graduation are essential to their future career success.

Goal Achievement Honors

Sixth grade is an important and exciting year for all P4K elementary school students because middle school is just around the corner!

P4K celebrates this milestone with a special program graduation ceremony called Goal Achievement Honors. To be eligible to attend this celebration, students must achieve their academic goals consecutively through the school year. Goal Achievement Honors is celebrated  city-wide and is attended by students, teachers, families, program volunteers, and a variety of Omaha dignitaries, including the honorable Mayor Stothert! Each P4K elementary school elects a 6th grade student speaker to represent their school and share what his or her participation in the program has meant to them. Attending students are each congratulated by the mayor and receive their final achievement medal as part of the goal setting program.



*P4K programs are supported in part by a grant from United Way of the Midlands

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