4 ICAN Lead

The 4 ICAN LEAD program is a proposed new initiative intended to provide Omaha’s young women of color with the training, resources, skills, and professional mentorship that will allow them to grow into educated, confident leaders who stand out as competitive candidates in tomorrow’s job market.

4 ICAN Lead is a three-year leadership academy targeted (primarily) toward young women of color enrolled in P4K programming. Participants will be recruited in cohorts of 20 annually, beginning their junior year of high school.  They will advance through extensive leadership and professional development curriculum and will be matched with female business professionals, who provide one-on-one business culture coaching.  Students will job shadow their coaches, engage in professional networking sessions, refine interpersonal strengths, and attend professional development conferences.  

Lead Collaborative Partners:

ICAN -Institute for Career Advancement Needs

Women’s Fund of Omaha

* To learn how your company can become a collaborative 4 ICAN Lead partner, email cmurray@p4k.org

**To learn how to enroll in 4 ICAN Lead Cohort Class of 2022, email mverble@p4k.org