A Lesson In Grace Under Fire

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Throughout history, astounding masterpieces have been created in the face of the most horrifying and unspeakable atrocities the world has ever seen. To witness such a feat is a great lesson in what it takes to find true grace under fire.     
Over the course of the next two months, a group of Partnership 4 Kids 8th grade students have an opportunity to observe one such historical occurrence of grace under fire through a series of events put together by the Institute for Holocaust Education.  The event series takes an inside look at the lives and music of 1940’s European composers, whose fate was met during the Holocaust in Auschwitz.
Students will begin their journey back in time on August 30th, at a Strategic Air and Space Museum exhibit titled, “Searching for Humanity:  Veterans, Victims and Survivors of WWII.”
The exhibit event will feature a tour and testimony from Nebraska Holocaust survivors.
Students will also have a chance to learn more about the history of the Holocaust composers and the creation of their music during an in-class workshop led by professional classical musicians.
To cap off the educational series, two students will be selected to document their own life experiences and reflections on what they learned from the experience, which they will capture on video.  Clips from the students’ video diaries will be featured in a television documentary that will air on NETV later this year.
*Be sure to check back for updates as this P4K student project unfolds!