A Letter To Santa-The Partnership For Our Kids Holiday Wish List

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Dear Santa,

This letter is on the behalf of the 5,000 students that participate in The Partnership For Our Kids programs. You are so generous to children all over the world, but if you can find room in your sleigh, there are just a few things that we would really love to have for our students:

1. Fifty additional volunteers so that each Partnership student could have a goal buddy or group mentor of their own.

2. Monetary donations. We try to provide each of our students with the high quality curriculum, academic services, career exploration tours, door-to-door transportation and an overall amazing experience, and monetary donations help us to give them all that they deserve.

3. Tickets to local events. We love to give our students, their families and their mentors and goal buddies a chance to have fun together outside of the classroom. Tickets to local events like the symphony, the ballet, plays and sporting events provide students with unique learning experiences as well as a chance to spend time with their mentors and their families.

4. Career Exploration Tours and Field Trips. Career exploration is promoted in our program from elementary school through high school. Tours and hands-on experiences are invaluable to our students and serve as inspiration for what their future can be.

5. Healthy Snacks. We believe in good nutrition for our students and try to supply them with healthy snacks to fuel their minds and give them energy to keep going strong. Healthy, non-perishable treats, like 100 Calorie Snack Packs, bottled water and fruit juice drinks are always appreciated!

6. School Supplies. We want to give our students all the tools they need to succeed in their academics. School supplies such as notebooks, folders, pens, calculators and backpacks help our students to start their school year off on the right foot.

7. Art Supplies. Paint brushes, paints, markers, canvases, construction paper and more would be great for our students to express themselves creatively.

Thanks for reading this letter Santa. Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy 2012!

The Partnership For Our Kids

*If you can help Santa grant one of the requests from The Partnership For Our Kids wish list, visit www.thepartnershipforourkids.org/donate.shtml or call 402-930-3000.