Corwin’s Story

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As Field Club Elementary sixth-grader Corwin made his way through the receiving line at the Sixth Grade Recognition Ceremony, he had no idea the small four-leaf clover he handed Omaha Mayor, Jim Suttle, would have such a huge impact. “He singled me out among everyone, and it really made me feel special,” says Mayor Suttle.

Corwin says he found his good luck charm at school one day, but wasn’t sure what he should do with it at first. He knew he would be attending the Sixth Grade Recognition Ceremony and decided it would be nice to pass his good fortune on to the mayor. “I figured he needed some luck with the budget and everything that is going on,” says Corwin.

“Corwin is one of those students you will never forget,” says Goal Buddy Patti Quinn-McGovern. “I’m not sure if he actually plans ways to make you smile, or if it just comes to him naturally.” Quinn-McGovern says she has always marveled at Corwin’s innate ability to pick up on subtleties that are beyond most kids his age. “He exhibits enthusiasm for learning and is wise beyond his years,” she says. Mayor Suttle agrees with this sentiment, “We should look to him as an example. If we had more Corwins in Omaha, it would make it a better place to live,” says Suttle.