Discussion With A Director: Featuring Linda Lovgren

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The members of the P4K board of directors are some of the brightest, most influential and forward thinking individuals in the city of Omaha, and we want to introduce them to you!

While on the surface this collective group of fortune 500 leaders, medical masterminds, and financial wizards might seem intimidating, underneath the power-suits and impressive credentials they are as down-to-earth as the corner coffee barista.

One of these ordinary and unassuming folks is public relations and advertising expert, Linda Lovgren. As the head of a successful public relations and marketing firm and a recent inductee of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame, it can safely be said that Linda Lovgren is an authority in her field. In addition to being a savvy, self-made businesswoman, Lovgren is also extremely civic-minded, devoting her expertise and years of experience to many community causes, including Partnership 4 Kids.

Meet P4K Board of Director, Linda Lovgren:

P4K: How long have you been a board member with Partnership 4 Kids?
Lovgren: Right around 3 years.

P4K: Why do you share your time and expertise as a board member for P4K?
Lovgren: Partnership 4 Kids has an important mission in the Omaha community.  Educating young people is critical and if I can be a part of something that makes a difference, I ‘m going to do it.

P4K: What are you passionate about?
Lovgren: Young people having the opportunity to realize their dreams and their potential.  Sometimes I don’t think they even realize what great things they are truly capable of.

P4K: What is one thing you will not tolerate?
Lovgren: Excuses.

P4K: Growing up, who were your mentors?
Lovgren: My parents.

P4K: Who inspires you?
Lovgren: People who overcome adversity to achieve their dreams, entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to fail, and people who have found their path to success.

P4K: If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what other career would you like to try?
Lovgren: Probably something in medicine.  Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor.

P4K: What do you love about Omaha?
Lovgren: The openness of the people and of our community as a whole.  We have a particular ability to be inclusive of new ideas and innovations.  I also love Omaha’s diversity of sports, arts and community activities.

P4K:  If you were trapped on a desert island, what three things could you not live without?
Lovgren: A companion…my iPad and…a source of food.