Donor Corner, Featuring: Henry Davis

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As the owner and driving force behind a billion-dollar company, Henry Davis knows a little something about fiscal responsibility.

Greater Omaha Packing has grown exponentially since its establishment in 1920.  Under the direction of Davis and his father, what began as a small post- war business in the heart of Omaha’s stockyards is now known as the single source supplier of the highest quality beef in the world, employing more than 900 people and operating one of the most sophisticated beef processing facilities in the country.

The reason for his success is no secret. Davis holds himself to an extremely high standard and has an innate knack for making the most of every dollar he invests.  “It’s something my dad instilled in me at a very young age,” he says.

Part of Davis’s formula for smart spending includes giving back, and in the same way he ensures that his company is making the most of every dollar, he also makes certain the charities he supports are utilizing their funds as efficiently as possible.

“One thing I look at is what percentage of an organization’s funding is going directly toward its programs,” he says.  “I want to make sure that my contributions make the biggest impact they can for the overall cause.”

The cause that is closest to Davis’s heart is the education of Omaha’s young people. “We have such a high percentage of children who are behind the curve,” he explains. “Something like 16% of Omaha’s population is functionally illiterate and more than a quarter of Omaha’s students qualify for free and reduced lunch.”

In addition to financial support, Davis is truly an activist for the rights of young people.  He serves on  boards  of a host of local charitable organizations including Partnership 4 Kids, Building Bright Futures and Avenue Scholars.

Davis has also developed the Greater Omaha Packing Co. Annual Scholarship Program which has awarded more than 50 scholars with college tuition in excess of $250,000.

“My philosophy is focused on helping young people, especially those that need it and can benefit from it the most,” Davis says.

Thank you Henry for making an investment in Omaha’s youth!