Fun With Finances

Posted by on Jul 30, 2010 in blog | Comments Off on Fun With Finances

They say “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and earlier this month the Partnership tenth graders put this old adage to practice. Students learned basic money management skills during a three day financial workshop hosted by the UNO student group, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, (CEO). CEO utilized a unique board game, which walked the students through many basic financial exercises. “Students had to simulate working for a paycheck, paying bills, balancing a checkbook and purchasing businesses, stocks and real estate,” explains Program Specialist, Amanda Burton.

The group had an opportunity to hear UNO college students speak about their experiences with preparing financially for college and also had a chance to listen to Union Pacific’s Chief Financial Officer, Robert Knight, talk about what it takes to manage finances for a large corporation. “This group will soon be joining the workforce and are also preparing for college. They need to be aware of these kinds of financial responsibilities,” says Burton.

The students seemed receptive to all of the financial tips and advice they were given. Adan, a Central High School tenth-grader, is now planning to open a savings account so that he can start putting away money for college. Adan says taking part in this workshop has helped him to be more conscious of what he chooses to spend his money on. “You have to always think ahead and plan how you are going to use it,” he says. Now that’s advice you can take to the bank!