Giving Time and Heart

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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew

Time is a resource that is always in high demand and it seems that there is never enough of it to go around. So in order to give one’s time away, there had better be a really good reason for doing so, right?

Partnership group-mentor, Kristin Nolan actually has five good reasons for donating her time. Their names are Geovany, Mirna, Francisco, Herlin and Jennifer. Nolan has been a Partnership group mentor volunteer with students at South High School for a year and a half and she truly feels that it has been time well spent.

“I really enjoy getting to know the students. I learn something during every meeting! The topics being discussed apply to my life as well, which is very motivating,” says Nolan.

While Nolan feels that she is the one who benefits from the time she spends with her group of students, her dedication and giving spirit have been invaluable gifts for the Partnership staff and students alike. “It’s easy to notice the enthusiasm and energy, [Nolan] brings to her group,” says Partnership Bilingual Program Specialist, Nick Sasada. “She is invested in the future success of her students.”

Nolan’s commitment to the Partnership has even reached beyond the classroom. “Kristin has gone out of her way to bring her students to special events, she has made special efforts to reach out to her mentees’ parents and has even helped us promote our organization to the community,” Sasada says.

Nolan credits her passion for helping students to those who encouraged her in her own teen years. “Everyone goes through struggles in their lives and without someone to talk to and support your dreams, life is very lonesome,” she says. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the role models and mentors I have in my life!”

The students in Nolan’s group love having her in their lives and they think of her as both a role model and a companion. “She is a great person, “says Mirna, a ninth-grader in Nolan’s group. “She takes the time to listen to me and I look up to her.” Fellow group mentee, Geovany, agrees. He feels like Nolan truly understands who he is. “Its like hanging out with a friend,” he says.

*To find out more about how to volunteer with The Partnership For Our Kids, visit VOLUNTEER or call 402-557-6392