High School

The Partnership 4 Kids’ high school curriculum becomes more individualized, focused on students‘ strengths, interests, and postsecondary goals. The majority of P4K middle school students continue their involvement with P4K in high school, although some new students are accepted into the program based on need. Partnership 4 Kids serves high school students at five target Omaha Public Schools.

*Please note: P4K Programming is offered in-person, virtually, or hybrid, in compliance with OPS regulations and COVID-19 safety standards. To learn up-to-date information about how COVID-19 impacts our program, please contact Deb Shaw at dshaw@p4k.org or 402-557-6380.

Grades 9-10

The program is delivered similarly as in middle school during grades 9-10. Students continue to meet 2-3 times monthly after school with their P4K group and mentors. The curriculum focus hones in on helping students identify their strengths, career interests, and postsecondary options. The curriculum also prepares students for their career with exercises like mock job interviews, resume workshops, and more. Students also attend college and career tours and workshops for exposure to future opportunities.

Grades 11-12 (College Access)

Grades 11-12 in the P4K Program focus on individualized case management, monthly group support, and college and career tours based upon individual career interests. Our staff ensures students remain on-track to graduate within four years and help them set postsecondary and career goals to prepare for life after high school. Students are provided support with college and scholarship applications, placement exams, internships, job placement, and more.

Impact highlights

P4K programs are supported in part by a grant from United Way of the Midlands.

P4K proudly participates in the AmeriCorps network of programs.