I Am A Success: Glenn’s Story

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Eighth-grader Glenn enrolled in P4K’s group mentoring program in 6th grade and was matched with his group mentor, Nick shortly after starting the program. Unfortunately, after the end of his 6th grade year, Glenn ended up transferring to a different middle school where P4K was not offered. Glenn and his family decided P4K was too important to give up so they made a plan to ensure Glenn would get a ride to P4K meetings at his P4K home school. As much as Glenn loves participating in P4K, being at a different school has made it challenging to ensure he always has the support he needs. That’s where his mentor, Nick has stepped up.

While bright and capable, Glenn struggled to motivate himself, academically. He completed 6th and 7th grade with below-average grades and at the beginning of his 8th grade year, his grades began to slip even more. His family and mentor were concerned, so Nick decided to take it upon himself, as Glenn’s mentor, to help motivate him to improve his grades.

Nick spent a lot of time in conversation with Glenn’s parents making a game plan. He visited Glenn’s home and together they all came up with practical steps to improve his grades.

Two months later, after starting the semester with mostly D’s and F’s, Glenn had some great news that he couldn’t wait to share with Nick. Glenn was awarded “Student of the Month”. Nick was surprised, but excited for Glenn. He always knew Glenn was capable, but just needed an extra push.

Ultimately, Glenn committed to do the hard work it took to earn the title of Student of the Month, but thanks to the support of his mentor, and the positive relationship between Glenn, Nick, and Glenn’s parents allowed for the circle of trust needed to help Glenn excel.