I Am A Success: Hollyn Mosely

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Current P4K scholarship recipient, Hollyn Mosely has not taken the traditional route to find post-secondary success, but she is driven to reach her professional aspirations and with a little help from P4K, she is well on her way.

Hollyn started her journey with P4K as a middle school student nearly two decades ago. She graduated from high school in 2008 and enrolled in college right away, but due to an unforeseen family tragedy, her studies suffered and soon after she withdrew from all of her classes and left school. Flash forward to the summer of 2018, Hollyn, now a single parent of three children, resolved that she would obtain her degree to build a better life for she and her young children.

After reaching back out to P4K, Hollyn was able to re-enroll in college. She signed up for classes at Metropolitan Community College and was connected with P4K College Specialist, Asatira Lenard, who is helping Hollyn successfully navigate her college experience.

With guidance and support from Asatira, Hollyn is excelling her classes and has attended every P4K workshop and meeting her schedule allows. Eventually, Hollyn plans to earn her registered nursing degree, and would like to run her own line of nursing homes one day. For now, she’s just excited about taking the first step toward her professional dreams, and credits P4K for keeping her on track:
“P4K is my push,” Hollyn says. “It was also my greatest ally, when I was ready to re-enroll.”