I Want To Be A Super-Role Model

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“I feel that the whole concept of the program is great. It inspires the students to do their best and be the best they can be. So often kids are recognized for what they do wrong. It is great to see their faces full of smiles and receive hugs and cards for recognizing and rewarding them for doing something good,” says one Partnership volunteer about The Partnership For Our Kids programs.

Despite all of the reports about neighborhood shootings and robberies that consume the 6’o’clock news, many local kids are finding ways to improve themselves, their schools and their communities, with a little help from some truly amazing volunteers who serve as positive role models and mentors of the Partnership.

“Whether they realize it or not, our goal buddies and group mentors are making an extremely powerful impact on these kids, just by being a consistent presence in their everyday lives,” says Partnership Recruitment Manager, Jessica Warren. “The hard part is having enough of these great folks to go around for ALL of our students. Warren says currently there is a volunteer deficit for the Partnership’s middle school student groups. “Middle school is an especially tough time for most kids, so it is crucial to have that extra encouragement and positive reinforcement present,” she says.

Warren goes on to say that becoming a volunteer with the Partnership is a simple process and volunteers are given all of the tools they need to work with the students. “All they need to do is just show up and spend time with the students, and our staff takes care of the rest,” Warren says.

To find out how you can become a volunteer mentor or goal buddy with The Partnership For Our Kids or to learn more about our programs, visit: http://gettoknowmeomaha.com/