Jesus’s Story

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Strong moral fiber is what eighteen-year-old Jesus is made of, from head to toe. Being raised in a household of immigrants, where Spanish was the only language spoken, has made Jesus grow up a little faster than some of his classmates. Learning to speak fluent English in just three short years, Jesus began to serve as his family’s interpreter at the age of 14, often having to help his parents translate bills, prescriptions, and bank statements. Although he agrees it has been difficult at times, he views it all as a positive learning experience. “It’s really helped me learn about a lot,” he says. In addition to helping his family, Jesus is an excellent student and even mentors two elementary school students with Griot, a local youth program. Although he is not sure what he wants to major in when he attends Metro Community College next fall, Jesus knows he enjoys helping people and would like to work in law enforcement one day, so that he can do more to serve and protect his community.