Motivating Momentum

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The Partnership For Our Kids is dedicated to inspiring kids to achieve their dreams. A big part of this inspiration comes in the form of Winners Circle captains. Captains not only get the whole school excited about achieving goals, but also share their personal journeys to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Terrance Mackey, a new captain at Mount View Elementary, couldn’t be more excited to start motivating students. “I am looking forward to helping them achieve their goals and become more productive youth,” says Mackey. Growing up, Mackey had many role models that encouraged him and he feels that it is important to pass on that encouragement to someone else. Mackey was born and raised in North Omaha and spent much of his time at the North Omaha Boys Club. These days, Mackey has dedicated his life to helping local youth. In addition to being a Winners Circle captain, Mackey works for the Douglas County Youth Center and volunteers as head of the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club Football program.

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