Omaha, A City That Cares!

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With hundreds of non-profit organizations that are serving the local community and working to make the quality of life better for its citizens, it is no exaggeration to say that Omaha is a city that cares. It’s also no secret that it is the city’s volunteers that keep these compassionate service agencies up and running. What might be surprising to learn is that Omaha’s volunteers are as diverse in age, background and talents as the community in which they live.

This fall, Mutual of Omaha employees stepped outside their cubicles and teamed up with students of The Partnership For Our Kids as part of Mutual of Omaha’s Month of Caring initiative. “Corporate citizenship and volunteerism have great emphasis in Mutual’s culture. We hope through this effort, employees will realize the win-win experience of volunteerism and remain an active volunteer in their communities,” said Christine Johnson, president of the Mutual of Omaha Foundation.

Together, Partnership students and Mutual of Omaha volunteers worked to assemble care packages for local counseling and support agency, Heartland Family Service Children’s Emergency Shelter. This service project not only gave Mutual of Omaha volunteers an opportunity to help their community in a hands-on way, but it also gave them a chance to see that serving the community is something that is taken seriously by even Omaha’s youngest citizens.

For Mutual of Omaha volunteer, Aaron, participating in the service project with the Partnership students was an opportunity to gain a new perspective. “As adults we get caught up in our daily lives and tend to forget some of the things that are important,” he said.
Currently, The Partnership For Our Kids is still in need of 130 volunteers to serve as mentors and Goal Buddies. If you would like to find out how you can help, visit or call 402-930-3000.

*To see video footage of “Kids Serving Kids” visit The Partnership For Our Kids YouTube channel.