Our Program

To fulfill our mission to mentor kids for college today and careers tomorrow, Partnership 4 Kids serves youth throughout their pre-K-12 education and postsecondary. P4K stewards students through their education with our core pillars of goal setting, mentoring, postsecondary access, and career exploration.

Learn more about each segment of our program and how Partnership 4 Kids helps students grow into confident, successful leaders.


In elementary school, Partnership 4 Kids promotes literacy, goal setting, and attendance. Through consistent classroom visits, P4K volunteers provide support and encouragement to students in achieving goals in reading and life skills. We also introduce concepts of college and career exploration.

Middle School

In middle school, students attend 2-3 monthly meetings with P4K staff and mentors, learning curriculum focused on postsecondary and career exploration and important life skills. Students begin exploring a wide array of careers and postsecondary opportunities, while reinforcing the importance of academic engagement and school attendance.

High School

Students continue to meet 2-3 times monthly after school with P4K staff and volunteer mentors in high school. Curriculum focuses on honing strengths, career interests, and postsecondary preparedness as students progress closer to graduation. P4K helps keep students on-track to graduate on-time, and ensures they gain the skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education and their future career through college and career engagement experiences, job shadowing, and internship opportunities.


Partnership 4 Kids invests heavily in this final stage of our program through last-dollar-in scholarships and individualized support for students throughout their 2-year or 4-year degree pursuits. P4K also provides intensive case management support and resources to mitigate circumstances that may threaten a student’s ability to achieve their academic goals.

Partnership 4 Kids is a proud host-site for AmeriCorps Service Members and AmeriCorps VISTAs who support our mission by working directly with students and in areas of recruitment, curriculum, and development.