P4K Employee Spotlight: Porschea McAllister

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Congratulations to P4K Program Coordinator, Porschea McAllister who is our featured employee spotlight this week!

Porschea McAllister said the love and compassion P4K shows its students is the same qualities that P4K shows its employees.

“Desmond Tutu said ‘We are each made for goodness, love and compassion. Our lives are transformed as much as the world is when we live with these truths.’ I believe that this quote summarizes what P4K not only strives to do, but does within its family. P4K is a family. Not just a family of coworkers, but of mentors and students and families. Support is given through the good and the bad. P4K looks out for their family. P4K looked out for me in a time of need and at that point it really resonated in me the spirit of the P4K family. So much so that after leaving P4K, I yearned to still be involved and to still be a part of the family. Now I am back and I am happy to once again be a part of the P4K family.