P4K Perspectives-Reflections of Transformation

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Last month I began planning an editorial calendar for our agency’s blog. While trying to brainstorm topics that you, our friends and followers might find interesting I had an idea.  Why not post your stories and experiences?  What better way to capture the insights, news and latest happenings of P4K volunteers, students and supporters than to get it straight from you?

So starting this month each quarter we will feature a blog from one of you our volunteers, students, friends and supporters. Your reflections, perspectives and opinions, direct and unplugged.

Since this idea involves you basically being brave enough to pour your personal thoughts and views onto paper for all to see, I thought it would only be fair if I kicked things off by doing the same.  So here we go…

I’ve worked with Partnership 4 Kids for a little over six years and in that time I’ve had the privilege to watch students involved in our programs grow from wide-eyed, energetic and yes even mischievous  children into strong, capable and intelligent young men and women- literally before my eyes.

I often stop and marvel at these transformations, because to me it always seems like they happen almost overnight.  But then again, until recently, I’ve also never been the one with these students on a regular basis like our program staff and our volunteer mentors and goal buddies are.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely naïve. I realize there is a ton of work, roadblock, struggles, setbacks, tears and time that go into each student’s evolution, but until I actually set foot into a classroom as a mentor, it never really occurred to me how much work is put into the process by EVERYONE-the student, the program coordinator, the volunteer, the parent, the teacher, student’s fellow classmates and friends.  Everyone makes an impact on the final outcome of each of these students.  So in order to ensure that these outcomes are positive, everyone has to be intentional with their efforts.

As heavy and intimidating as that might seem, it also makes these transformations that much more amazing.  It is empowering to think that we can truly affect positive change not only in our own lives but in the lives of others and  what is even better is we can inspire them to do the same for someone else.

So during this National Mentoring Month, I want to say a truly heartfelt thank you to all of our volunteers, staff, parents, teachers, supporters and students who are all working so hard and making deliberate strides to positively impact someone’s future self.   Keep up the good work-but take a minute to stop and pat yourself on the back, because what you are doing is nothing short of life-changing.

About the writer:
Lori Lundholm was hired as the agency’s administrative assistant in 2006. Lori now serves as the events & communications coordinator for the P4K development team.