P4K’s “The Apprentice”

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Local Professionals Prepare Future Workforce

The real world.

It can be intimidating at any age, especially if you don’t have all the necessary experience, knowledge and let’s face it-the connections needed to succeed.   Luckily, with the help of some of Omaha’s experienced professionals and business owners, P4K students are getting some early lessons in what it takes to outshine their competition and attain the job of their dreams .

Earlier this year, more than 30 local business representatives met with P4K middle school students during the annual P4K Student Career Fair and discussed the many occupational opportunities available in their respective career fields.   The students were divided into groups based on their areas of professional interest and paired with a UNO student who lead the group in discussions about selecting a major, college workloads and the steps for applying for a scholarship.

The student groups also visited with many of the local professionals who gave the students tips about what they  look for in prospective employees, and what areas of study are important to master.

“A lot of kids my age may think they won’t be able to go to college or even graduate,” says McMillan seventh-grader, Gregory. “Things like this will help us figure out what college to go to or what we want to  be when we grow up.”

Program Coordinator, Lacey Williams says  the P4K team made  a very concentrated effort to ensure students would learn  just that. “One of our big goals for the fair  this year was to have representatives from each of the 16  clusters of the National Career Clusters Framework,” says Williams.

The National Career Clusters Framework is an initiative with a goal of creating curricular frameworks in broad career clusters, designed to prepare students to transition successfully from high school to post-secondary education and employment in a career area.

“Some of the most popular clusters of interest among the students, were transportation, distribution and logistics, human services and health science,” Williams says. “Specifically aviation, aesthetics and radiology.”

P4K elementary students will also have the chance to explore real world professional opportunities beginning later this month.  With help from several P4K volunteer goal buddies, students will  take behind-the-scenes tours of the companies where their goal buddies work.

“Our volunteers and their employers have always been extremely generous in offering our students opportunities to explore the
professional avenues available in their businesses,” says Program Coordinator, Kris Morgan.  “It’s always neat to watch as students develop interests in various professions after they take these tours.”

Elementary students will continue taking these professional tours with their goal buddies throughout the spring months.

*For more information about P4K’s career exploration programming or to learn how you or your company can get involved, visit our new website, click here.