Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions

How can my student get involved in Partnership 4 Kids programming?

Students at one of our target schools (see below) should visit a counselor and ask for an application. Program staff will review these applications and interview the students who best fit with the program. After the interview, students will be notified of their acceptance into the program.

Elementary: Field Club, Gifford Park, Fontenelle, Minne Lusa, Franklin, and Sherman

Middle School: Norris, McMillan, Monroe, Lewis & Clark, and RM Marrs

High School: South, North, Northwest, Benson, and Central

What does it cost for my student to participate?

All programming and services provided by Partnership 4 Kids are free to participants.

What if my student doesn’t speak English?

For Spanish speaking students, we have Bilingual Program Coordinators facilitating meetings at select schools. Contact a Bilingual Program Coordinator here.

What if my student participates in sports or other after-school activities?

Students are encouraged to participate in other extra-curricular activities, such as sports. However, they are still required to attend a certain percentage of meetings in order to fully benefit from our program.

What if I plan a conflict with a meeting or activity?

It is very important to stay in contact with program staff. Let a staff member know if there are family conflicts, otherwise, students will be considered unexcused from a meeting or activity.

Family Involvement Questions

How can I get involved in the program as a parent or guardian?

Families are sent information regarding the activity and meeting schedule for each semester. They are also provided with contact information for program staff and managers. Not only are families welcome to attend many of the student events, there are also family events, such as barbeques and information nights, designed specifically for the families of the students in our program.

Why do you need so many signatures from me on the application?

Partnership 4 Kids provides many services to the students in our program. In order to provide these services, staff members need permission from the parents.

Can I or other family members attend meetings and/or events?


How often should I be in contact with Partnership 4 Kids staff?

As often as you like. Staff will place phone calls to students at least twice a month. Feel free to join the conversation. If you ever have any questions, please give us a call at (402) 930-3000.

Literacy & Goal-Setting Program Questions

What happens if my elementary student doesn’t reach their goals?

Goals are set for each student on a quarterly basis. If they do not meet one or more of their goals in one quarter, there is still an opportunity for them to meet their goals the following quarter.

How are goals set?

Elementary student goals are set by the child’s teacher based on both the student’s ability and performance levels.

What can I do to help my elementary student achieve their goals?

Discuss the goal with your student’s teacher or Partnership 4 Kids Program Coordinator to make sure that the goal is within your student’s reach.  If the goal is appropriate:

  • Practice the skill with your student.
  • Ask about the goal several times a week to keep the idea of reaching the goal fresh in their mind.
  • Help your student break the goal into smaller manageable sections so that they can see progress toward their goal.

Why do you give away prizes?

Prizes are incentives used to promote student learning and appropriate school behavior.  Elementary students reaching both reading and math goals receive a medal to celebrate their success. Elementary students reaching reading, math, and life skills goals have an opportunity to win an additional prize.

What can I do if I’m not receiving my student’s goals?

Talk to your student’s teacher or Partnership 4 Kids Program Coordinator.  Goals should be sent home at the beginning of each quarter prior to your student’s first visit/meeting of that quarter.

College & Career Readiness Program Questions

How does the College & Career Readiness Program benefit my student?

Middle school students learn social skills, positive study habits, and teamwork, which will help them be successful both in and out of school. High school students practice writing job and activities resumes; scheduling high school classes, study times and extracurricular activities; and filling out forms, such as scholarship, college, and job applications and financial aid.

What happens if my student can’t attend a meeting or falls below a 2.5 GPA?

Staff members work with students to ensure that they are utilizing all resources available to maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher, but if a student falls below they will be placed on academic probation. This means that students are required to meet with a staff member on a regular basis in an effort to raise their GPA.

Students may be excused from a meeting on a case-by-case basis but are still required to attend a certain percentage of the meetings, otherwise they do not benefit from the program. If a student falls below the percentage, they will be required to meet with a staff member to discuss the attendance issues. Parents may have to meet with staff members as well.

How does my middle school or high school student get to and from meetings?

Meetings are held directly after school and after the meeting is over, students are transported home by shuttle van, school bus, or program staff. If a student goes to a different school than where the meeting is, staff will pick up the student from their school and take them to the meeting.

Why is my child being put on probation?

Students are required to attend a certain percentage of after-school meetings, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and miss no more than two days of school per quarter. If students do not meet or exceed these goals, they are placed on probation and staff members work individually with them to help them be more successful in the program.

Does Partnership 4 Kids offer tutoring?

Yes. Partnership 4 Kids offers tutoring to participating high school students who need additional support in the areas of math, reading, and science as well as overall academic support. Tutoring takes place Monday-Thursday for 30-60 minutes at all target high schools.

What does my student do during after-school meetings?

During meetings, students engage in team-building and skill-building activities. Most activities are done in groups. As students get older they will practice filling out college forms and creating resumes.

When and where do after-school meetings take place?

Meetings take place in Partnership 4 Kids target schools shortly after the school day ends, between the hours of 3:30-5:00 PM Monday – Thursday.

Mentor Questions

Where do group mentors meet with my student?

Mentors and mentees meet at a designated school in a large group. This means a student group of approximately 25 will be joined by a mentor group of approximately 8 for meetings three times per month. However, mentors and mentees are able to meet outside of these meetings if they would like to do so.

Will my student get their own mentor?

Our group mentors are matched with teams of 3-4 students inside a larger classroom. This mentor will get to know your student well and will monitor grades and attendance with the aid of P4K program staff.

Will families get to meet a student’s mentor?

Families can meet with a student’s group mentor at scheduled meetings or at P4K family events. Mentors will also make monthly phone calls to each student in their group, providing an opportunity to talk with families. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact your student’s Program Coordinator.

Summer Programming Questions

Are there meetings in the summer?

While regular meetings are not held during the summer months, we do have career exploration workshops and tours available to our middle and high school students.

Are summer meetings mandatory?

Summer programming is not required, but is strongly encouraged. If a student will be unable to attend summer programs, they should contact a staff member to let them know.