Frequently Asked Questions

Before I fill out an application, I’d like to know more. Who do I speak with?

Our recruitment team is here to help. Simply email and a team member will get back to you within 3 business days.

I am 16 years old and wish to be a Book Buddy. Am I old enough?

All buddies and mentors must be 19 years old per state law; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t recruit 19+ year-old friends and family to be mentors.

How long does the application process take?

The application process includes a background check (and a Department of Health and Human Services screening for Group Mentors) and typically takes one week to ten days. After your application is approved, there is training.

Will I be notified when my application is accepted?

Yes, and that is when we share training dates with you. Choose one of the dates for training and you are on your way to launching better lives for our kids.

What is training like?

Book Buddy and Goal Buddy training (one and a half hours) and Group Mentor training (two hours) require in-person training sessions. Held at our offices or yours (if there is a group of you), this interesting and educational training prepares you for duty and allows you the opportunity to ask questions.

You must be trained before you can start as a Book Buddy, Goal Buddy, or a Group Mentor.

Once I am trained, how do I start?

Once you are trained, your program Coordinator (PC) will reach out to you via email with all of the details for your first visit. You will receive the semester calendar, details about where to park and where to meet. This is the exciting part – you’re on your way.

At your first meeting, your PC will review processes and procedures, do’s and don’ts and answer any more questions you may have (if you haven’t chatted already over email).

What is a Program Coordinator?

Program Coordinators (PCs) are the dynamos of P4K. They each lead multiple schools for which they coordinate with the school staff, students, parents, mentors, and even the rest of the P4K staff. When not at the P4K office, your PC will be working at their schools to prepare for visits and to further engage P4K students. You will never be alone in a school. Your PC will always be there. If you have questions, concerns or comments, they are your go-to person.

May I choose the school or is the school selected for me?

You may choose the school and we will do our best to place you there. Sometimes, certain schools are popular and their needs are low. When that is the case, we will discuss other school options with you. We have many students that do not have mentors – we try very hard to meet everyone’s needs.

I’d like to mentor with my friend. Can you place us together?

We will do our best to make this happen. If your friend is a Goal Buddy (elementary school) or Group Mentor (middle and high school) and there is a need at their group or school, we can certainly place you together.

My civic club would like to mentor together as a group project. Do you allow this?

Yes! Email and we will coordinate a no-commitment orientation for your interested group. Whether it is a traditional presentation, lunch and learn, staff meeting, or an informal group coffee, we are happy to meet and provide more information.

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