Stop & Smell The Success: One Parent’s Perspective

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in blog | Comments Off on Stop & Smell The Success: One Parent’s Perspective

We are constantly looking for ways that we can better serve our students and strengthen the quality of our programs.  One huge factor we rely on to do this is the feedback that we receive from all of YOU. (Why else would we distribute so many surveys?!)  

While our relentless effort to explore new ways to grow and develop P4K should always be in the forefront, sometimes our focus on improvement becomes so narrow that we lose sight of the positive things our programs are already doing.

Luckily amazing P4K supporters like you remind us to take a minute to “stop and smell the success”. One of our staff members recently received such a reminder in the form of a heartwarming thank you note:

THANK YOU for all you do. I know enough parents don’t say it, but what you do for our children is truly a blessing. You have a way of making out children feel that they have succeeded. I would never comment to someone who I felt they were doing good for the sake of their job because I truly feel that you are doing this for the good of our community.

You are truly a role model and inspiration to all of these children. You may think at times this doesn’t mean much but every time Winner’s Circle comes around my son brags about this accomplishment and asks if I am coming to this program. I want to send you a personal thank you for promoting this program. You encourage my son to set goals, and to meet the standards of this program.

I may only be one parent, but I a sure this affect carries on among a lot of these children as it does with my own child.

Please keep up the good work.