What parents are saying:

Stephen and Jane S.
Thank you for investing in our children and many others!
Steven A. Parent of Two - Saratoga Elementary
I was also born and raised in Omaha so I get to see the positive and negative changes here and in different communities that affect our lives. When I was younger, around the age of my son and daughter, there seemed to be many more community services open to us that were provided by either the state or private organizations. Those groups were the ones that kept a lot of the youth from steering in the wrong direction by using positive role models and fun but educational activities. From those times until now, there has been a shortage of positive role modeling. It could be blamed on parents, the music we listen to, or people that simply feel it is a losing battle. I personally feel that has all changed. With programs like Partnership 4 Kids we’re making a comeback.

What students are saying:

Franklin Elementary 6th Grader
When I meet my goals, I know I’m making my future the best that it can be.
Erick P4K graduate
P4K taught me how to handle myself in a professional manner. Learning basic skills like how to build a resume, create a portfolio of work and dress for an interview.

What volunteers are saying:

Union Pacific Goal Buddy at Franklin Elementary
I feel that the whole concept of the program is great in that it inspires the students to do their best and be the best they can be. So often kids are recognized for what they do wrong. It is great to see their faces full of smiles and receive hugs and cards for recognizing and rewarding them for doing something good.
Benitta Evans, Salem Baptist Church Goal Buddy at Kellom Elementary
Partnership 4 Kids is a positive opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life with just a few hours of your time.
Nicole Bianchi, First Comp Goal Buddy at Kellom Elementary
While our goal as a company was to put our thumb print on Partnership 4 Kids, the reality is the children have left their handprints on our hearts.
Cameron Lind, OPPD Mentor at Field Club Elementary
You do these kinds of things because you want to give back, but you get something in return too. The first time I had one of my mentees smile at me this year, I thought that was a huge breakthrough. You must be patient, and understand the dynamics of young people. There are very rewarding experiences.