The Journey of a Thousand Miles

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Outbursts of violence among local teens are growing progressively more frequent. The Nebraska Crime Commission documented a 21 percent increase in juvenile arrests in Nebraska over the past two decades and these numbers continue to climb. Last weekend, two teenagers, one just 14-years-old, were killed by gunfire in separate instances in northeast Omaha within a six-hour span.

In the wake of so many tragic incidents, we are all searching for a way to get these young people out of the line of fire and on to a more promising path. Although this may seem like an overwhelmingly long and rugged journey, every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here are three steps that we hope you will add to your own journey of a thousand miles:
Step 1. Support Partnership ProgramsThe average cost of a student participating in the Partnership programs is $1,500 per year. While at first blush this might seem like a large figure, comparing it to the staggering average annual cost to incarcerate one individual in the juvenile justice system of $43,000 puts things into a whole new perspective. Donating to the Partnership is fast and easy as a click of your computer mouse! Make a contribution online through our secure Paypal account. Click DONATE for more information.

Step 2. Volunteer as a Goal Buddy or a Group MentorThe volunteers who serve as positive role-models bring out the best in Partnership students, who are over-flowing with potential and personality. “Before I joined, I didn’t really care about school, but they pushed me and molded me into a mature individual who cares about education and wants to give back,” says Hollyn, a Partnership student alum. Hollyn recently received her CNA degree and is employed full-time in Omaha.
To learn how you can start making a difference as a volunteer, click VOLUNTEER for more information.

Step 3. Share Your Experience“I feel so good when I return to work from my time with the students. It’s a very rewarding experience,” says a current Partnership volunteer. Partnership supporters know first-hand the amazing feeling they get from their personal experiences of being involved in our programs. Sharing that experience is a powerful and moving way to motivate others to join the journey.