The Partnership For Our Kids Works To Improve Unsatisfactory Statistics

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A study about high school graduation rates of black males has been getting a lot of attention lately. The report by Schott Foundation for Public Education states only 47% of all black male high school students are graduating on time. Reasons given for these low graduation rates are poor classroom experiences, lack of resources and lack of positive role models. Luckily, with the help of programs like those offered by The Partnership For Our Kids, students are being given more opportunities to prove these disappointing statistical statements false.

“What makes The Partnership For Our Kids programs so special is the targeted focus on improving student performance through personal interaction with our volunteers,” says Partnership Recruitment Specialist, Phil Jarrett. Partnership staff and volunteers provide student participants with academic support, goal setting skills, career exploration and college access. Currently, 85 percent of Partnership students are graduating from high school and of that percentage, 90 percent go on to pursue college or trade school. In a 2010 survey of The Partnership’s Winners Circle program students, 71 percent feel they are more successful because of the program.

Sadly, with a national economic downturn, being able to provide the volunteers needed to help Partnership programs run effectively has become more challenging. Currently the Partnership is looking to recruit 200 more volunteers to serve as Goal Buddies and mentors. “Free time might be an expense many cannot afford these days, but what little we have should be invested wisely. We encourage any potential volunteer to come see what our program does and how bright our student’s futures can be with their help,” says Jarrett.

Community members who would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer for The Partnership For Our Kids should call 402-557-3095 or visit,