Value of Goal Setting

We believe the value of setting and achieving goals is essential to student success, so it is integrated into every stage of our programming. Goal setting fundamentals are the primary focus for our elementary school students to encourage using it as a life-long practical skill.

Elements of Goal Setting
P4K utilizes a variety of elements to solidify the value of setting and achieving goals, including:

Quarterly Goal Cycle

The quarterly goal cycle is used to help elementary students understand the fundamentals of goal setting, breaking it into a four-step process, which re-sets each quarter.

Goal Buddies

Corporate and individual community volunteers visit elementary school classrooms twice per quarter, serving as role models and motivators for students that are striving to reach their goals. Currently goal buddies are volunteering their time in more than 200 OPS classrooms.

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P4K Quarterly Goal Achievement Celebrations

These recognition events are school-wide ceremonies, during which medals are awarded to elementary school students for reaching academic goals. As an extra incentive, students who meet both academic and life skill goals are entered into drawings for educational prizes.

Classroom Incentives

Used to promote teamwork within the classroom, quarterly cash incentives are awarded to elementary school classrooms with 80% or more of the students meeting their academic goals. Teachers use incentives to purchase classroom supplies and to fund additional educational activities.

Parent/Family Participation

Family involvement plays an important role in student success. Parents and family members are encouraged to take part in quarterly goal achievement celebrations, summer picnics and parent informational meetings. Parents who participate in these activities are rewarded with family prize drawings and recognition awards.. Attending recognition celebrations and parent-teacher conferences, as well as providing extra boosts of support, are rewarded with family prize drawings and recognition awards.

Summer Reading Program

P4K promotes summer enrichment and goal achievement by partnering with the Omaha Public Library in a summer reading program. Elementary students who complete the summer reading program are recognized during the first quarter Goal Achievement Ceremony. Each student participant’s name is engraved on the Summer Reading Honor Roll plaque to be displayed at their school and every student also receives an age-appropriate book to encourage a life-long love of reading.