College & Career Readiness Program

The P4K College & Career Readiness Program builds upon itself beginning in middle school and continuing throughout high school. We use a small group mentoring model to engage students in goal setting, career opportunities, healthy relationships, financial vitality, and postsecondary opportunities that reinforce learning objectives.

Middle School

An application process is used to narrow the scope of service as students enter middle school. At five OPS middle schools, cohorts of 25-30 students per grade level are formed. Critical factors for selection are: qualifying for free or reduced lunch, demonstrating academic potential, engaging in risky behaviors, and being recommended by school personnel. P4K serves middle school students at five target Omaha Public Schools:

High School

In high school, it all comes down to graduation. The majority of P4K middle school students continue their involvement with P4K in high school, although some new students are accepted based on need.

Program curriculum centers on critical thinking, problem solving, career interests, leadership, financial vitality, community service, postsecondary preparation, and job readiness. Attendance and academic monitoring are used in conjunction with individual case management to ensure that students remain on track to graduate. Partnership 4 Kids serves high school students at five target Omaha Public Schools:

The Value of Mentoring

Mentoring is an important component of the P4K Program because of its proven link to student success. Research has demonstrated time and again that in terms of educational achievement, health and safety, and social development, a young person with a mentor in their life is more likely to continue their education, avoid participation in negative behaviors, and have better communication skills.

*To learn more or become a mentor, contact Deb Shaw at or 402-557-6380.

The Value of Career Exploration

Partnership 4 Kids encourages student success from kindergarten to careers, and exploring professional avenues is at the heart of our curriculum. P4K students begin their journey in career discovery as early as fifth grade with tours of various local corporations. Career exploration continues to be an integral part of the student programming.

*If you are interested in providing a career exploration tour or workshop at your business or you’d like to participate in our annual Future Fair, contact Nick Sasada at 402-930-3004 or

P4K programs are supported in part by a grant from United Way of the Midlands.
P4K proudly participates in the AmeriCorps network of programs.