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Program Description

P4K elementary programming introduces foundational concepts of literacy, life goals and attendance to young students. We aim to familiarize students with these basics through engaging and age-appropriate activities. Our elementary programming not only introduces students to the world of beginner life skills but also nurtures creativity and critical thinking, fostering a generation that is comfortable and confident in their abilities.

School Locations

Meet Our Elementary Staff

Ben Beck Volunteer Program Coordinator 402-557-6385

Deb Coniglio Curriculum and Assessment Specialist

Jenny Nieto-Albarran Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6377

Joanne Poppleton Director of Elementary & Middle School Programming 402-557-6364

Our Elementary Goals

At P4K we inspire young learners with literacy and ambitious goals to emphasize the importance of education.

We’re all about encouraging our little learners, igniting dreams of a world bursting with endless opportunities. We proudly work arm in arm with OPS administration, teachers, and volunteers to whisk young minds into a whirlwind of literacy, ambitious goals, and the importance of showing up for school.

Our Book Buddy and Goal Buddy champions? They’re the magical spark that lights up visions of a future where education and possibilities dance hand in hand.

Together, we embark on a quest to cultivate a love for learning, nurturing a generation of bright minds eager to embrace new opportunities. With the support of our dedicated mentors and the unwavering commitment of our community, we foster a sense of camaraderie and empowerment as we pave the way for a future where dreams take flight and aspirations know no bounds.

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