In elementary school, the Partnership 4 Kids Program has two segments: Book Buddy (grades pre-k thru 4th), and Goal Buddy (grades 5-6). All students attending the six elementary schools P4K serves are automatically part of the P4K Program as our staff and volunteers conduct programming in the classroom during the school day. P4K serves students at the following target schools within the Omaha Public Schools district:

*Please note: P4K Programming is offered in-person, virtually, or hybrid, in compliance with OPS regulations and COVID-19 safety standards. To learn up-to-date information about how COVID-19 impacts our program, please contact Deb Shaw at dshaw@p4k.org or 402-557-6380.

Book Buddy (pre-K thru 4th grade)

P4K’s Book Buddy program is an early education, read-aloud program that focuses on literacy and reading comprehension. Pre-kindergarten through 4th grade students are engaged twice a month in classroom visits by their Book Buddy. Together they read an age-appropriate book and participate in a story-comprehension activity. Each student receives a copy of the 14 books they read throughout the year to build their at-home library.

Goal Buddy (5th-6th grade)

Goal setting curriculum pertains to critical life and academic skills, school attendance, career exploration, and futuristic thinking regarding postsecondary. In grades 5-6, Goal Buddies visit two classrooms, back-to-back, for thirty minutes each, making a total one-hour commitment per visit, twice a month. These meetings are held in the classroom using the group mentoring model of four students to one adult along with established curriculum. There are 4-5 Goal Buddies in each classroom working in small groups.

In addition to the support received by Goal Buddies, students will experience a college visit, career experience, and tour a middle school.  Reading and life skill goal setting is embedded through the program with an emphasis on school attendance.

All elementary students enrolled in an elementary school served by P4K automatically participate in the P4K Elementary School Program.

Impact highlights

P4K programs are supported in part by a grant from United Way of the Midlands.

P4K proudly participates in the AmeriCorps network of programs.