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High School

Program Description

In high school, it all comes down to graduation. The high school program curriculum centers on critical thinking, problem-solving, career interests, leadership, financial vitality, community service, postsecondary preparation, and job readiness. Attendance and academic monitoring are used in conjunction with individual case management to ensure that students remain on track to graduate.

School Locations

Meet Our High School Staff

Aalishiya Figures High School & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member 402-557-6388

Clarice Santos High School & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member 402-557-6372

Dakota Lieb Program Coordinator 402-557-6381

Dani Ruiz-Martinez Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6398

Jenni Gutierrez Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6395

Maria Hernandez Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6392

Linda Sanabria Bilingual High School Program Manager 402-557-6362

Stephanie Degante High School & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member, Bilingual Team Member 402-930-3040

Our High School Goals

Our high school program builds upon relationships and skills from their middle school years, preparing young adults for lifelong success.

We aim to prepare our awesome students for the next big step in their academic adventure! Let’s sprinkle some inspiration dust, nudging them to dream big and picture a future that’s as bright as a double rainbow.

It’s time to open doors to a world of opportunities – from cool STEM careers to artsy gigs, VIP seats at sports showdowns, and making fresh pals! Let’s boost their confidence and arm them with a superpower skill set to tackle any curveballs life throws their way.

Let’s make this academic journey a blast!

Tutoring Program

P4K provides a tutoring program for participating high school students. In ratios of 4-to-1, qualified tutors will lead 1-hour sessions designed to help students achieve academic success.

College & Career Tours

During the summer months and while OPS is closed, students have ample opportunities to tour local universities, businesses, and corporations, exploring a variety of career pathways.


The Partnership 4 Kids Scholarship is available to active program participants interested in pursuing postsecondary education.

College Care Baskets

First-year postsecondary students receive college care baskets filled with dorm room essentials to ease their transition into independent living.