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Our People


Partnership 4 Kids relies on the dedication of full-time staff, part-time staff, AmeriCorps service members, practicum students, and interns to shepherd students to and through postsecondary education. Many P4K staff and AmeriCorps service members are successful graduates of the organization’s series of programs. Team members are categorized into eight departments: Finance and Human Resources, Development, Curriculum and Evaluation, Recruitment and Training, Elementary Program, Middle School Program, High School Program, and Postsecondary Program. Department heads and the organization president comprise an executive leadership team.





Deb Denbeck President 402-930-3003

Nick Sasada Director of Program Operations 402-930-3004

Joanne Poppleton Director of Elementary & Middle School Programming 402-557-6364

Cheryl Murray Kerst Director of Development 402-930-3082

Damien Coran Program & Curriculum Supervisor 402-557-6379

Deanne Harris College Access Manager 402-930-3001

Linda Sanabria Bilingual High School Program Manager 402-557-6362

Janelle Butler Postsecondary Supervisor 402-210-5051

Finance & Human Resources

Janel Reeves Human Resources, Finance, & Administrative Specialist 402-557-6389

Teenah EdwardToe Accounting Coordinator

Curriculum & Evaluation

Kabrina Kayser Lead Tutoring Coordinator 402-930-3671

Parker Lingelbach Tutoring Coordinator 402-557-6361

Tanesha Birch Family Engagement Specialist 402-930-3095


Lori Lundholm Grants Coordinator

Marisa Lopez Communications Coordinator 402-930-3002

Marlene Jackson Executive Administrative Assistant 402-930-3000

Sarah Morgensen Development Operations Specialist 402-557-6386

Recruitment & Training

Glennasha Walker Volunteer Recruitment & Training Specialist ‪402-915-1034‬

Lacey Adams Volunteer Recruitment Specialist 402-930-3009

Elementary Programming

Ben Beck Volunteer Program Coordinator 402-557-6385

Deb Coniglio Curriculum and Assessment Specialist

Jenny Nieto-Albarran Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6377

Middle School Programming

Cindy Alcaraz Dubon Lead Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-930-3016

Hope Rodenbarger Program Coordinator 402-557-6396

Jessica Cipriano-Ponce Lead Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6376

Tanajah Everett Program Coordinator 402-557-6391

High School Programming

Aalishiya Figures High School & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member 402-557-6388

Clarice Santos High School & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member 402-557-6372

Dakota Lieb Program Coordinator 402-557-6381

Dani Ruiz-Martinez Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6398

Jenni Gutierrez Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6395

Maria Hernandez Bilingual Program Coordinator 402-557-6392

Stephanie Degante High School & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member, Bilingual Team Member 402-930-3040

Postsecondary Programming

Hser Tha Kue College & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member 402-609-8541

Janelle Butler Postsecondary Supervisor 402-210-5051

Mimi Salazar Portillo College & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member 531-721-8062

Zoey Ballard College & Career Case Manager, AmeriCorps Service Member 308-258-7298