Middle School

Students join the Partnership 4 Kids Program in middle school based on need and recommendation from parents and/or teachers. P4K serves middle school students who have applied to join our program at five target Omaha Public Schools.

*Please note: P4K Programming is offered in-person, virtually, or hybrid, in compliance with OPS regulations and COVID-19 safety standards. To learn up-to-date information about how COVID-19 impacts our program, please contact Deb Shaw at dshaw@p4k.org or 402-557-6380.

Middle School is where P4K’s group mentoring model takes center stage. Grades 6-8 participate in after-school group mentoring meetings 2-3 times per month. P4K staff lead curriculum-based meetings centered around topics of postsecondary and career exploration. Volunteer mentors matched with students provide additional support and guidance. Plus, P4K students will attend several postsecondary and career experiences throughout the middle school program. P4K is also equipped to facilitate program meetings and mentor engagement virtually when needed so students don’t fall behind in reaching their goals.

The Value of Mentoring

Mentoring is an important component of the P4K Program because of its proven link to student success. Research has demonstrated time and again that in terms of educational achievement, health and safety, and social development, a young person with a mentor in their life is more likely to continue their education, avoid participation in negative behaviors, and have better communication skills.

*To learn more or become a mentor, contact Deb Shaw at dshaw@p4k.org or 402-557-6380.

Impact highlights

P4K programs are supported in part by a grant from United Way of the Midlands.

P4K proudly participates in the AmeriCorps network of programs.