Literacy & Goal-Setting Program

In elementary school, the Partnership 4 Kids Program has two segments: Literacy (grades pre-k through 4th), and Goal-Setting (grades 5-6). All students attending the six elementary schools P4K serves are automatically part of the P4K Program as our staff and volunteers conduct programming in the classroom during the school day. P4K serves students at the following target Omaha Public Schools:

This is the foundation of P4K’s programming; it consists of an early literacy program and a goal-setting program. P4K’s elementary programs are made possible by the collaboration of staff members, volunteers, teachers, and school administrators who work together to emphasize and promote early literacy, school attendance, and life skills.

Literacy Program

Serving Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade

The Literacy Program promotes reading and regular school attendance among early learners, grades pre-Kindergarten through fourth, with increased access to age-appropriate books and exposure to strong reading practices.

Goal-Setting Program

Serving Fifth through Sixth Grade

The Goal-Setting Program uses a small group mentoring model to engage 5th and 6th grade students in developing future-focused mindsets. Goal Buddies help their group of students practice goal setting and encourage students to begin exploring postsecondary and career possibilities.

Elements of Goal-Setting

Quarterly Goal Cycle

The quarterly goal cycle is used to help elementary students understand the fundamentals of goal setting, breaking it into a four-step process, which re-sets each quarter.

Goal Buddies

Corporate and individual community volunteers visit elementary school classrooms twice per quarter, serving as role models and motivators for students that are striving to achieve their goals.

Quarterly Goal Achievement Celebrations

These recognition events are school-wide ceremonies, during which medals are awarded to elementary school students for reaching academic goals. As an extra incentive, students who meet both academic and life skill goals are entered into drawings for educational prizes.

Classroom Incentives

Used to promote teamwork within the classroom, quarterly cash incentives are awarded to elementary school classrooms with 80% or more of the students meeting their academic goals. Teachers use incentives to purchase classroom supplies and to fund additional educational activities.

Family Participation

Family involvement plays an important role in student success. Family members are encouraged to take part in quarterly goal achievement celebrations, summer barbeques, and informational meetings. Families who participate in these activities are rewarded with family prize drawings and recognition awards.

Summer Reading Program

P4K promotes summer enrichment and goal achievement by partnering with the Omaha Public Library in a summer reading program. Elementary students who complete the summer reading program are recognized during the first quarter Goal Achievement Ceremony.

P4K programs are supported in part by a grant from United Way of the Midlands.
P4K proudly participates in the AmeriCorps network of programs.