Mission & History

Our Mission

To engage and inspire students from preschool to graduation, guiding them to success with individualized support, career exploration and scholarships.

What We Do

We engage, enlighten, and encourage students from preschool through graduation.

We engage through mentoring, evidence-based programming, and relationship-building.

We enlighten through goal-setting and career exploration.

We encourage through long-term support and scholarships.

Our proven results place young people on a pathway to success.

Our Program Pillars

  • Goal Setting
  • Group Mentoring
  • Postsecondary Access
  • Career Exploration

Our Story

Partnership 4 Kids is a leading youth development nonprofit that provides long-term support for lifelong success. Career and skill-focused programming begins in pre-kindergarten and continues throughout a student’s academic journey.

All Our Kids, est. 1989

In 1989, Dr. Gail and Mike Yanney started a mentoring program for local students struggling to achieve their potential academically. The pilot program began with a group of twenty students from McMillan Middle School. Students were matched with mentors beginning in seventh grade, leveraging the combined power of education and the presence of strong role models to help students graduate from high school and pursue a postsecondary education.

Winner’s Circle, est. 1996

In 1996, Jerry and Cookie Hoberman wanted to celebrate the achievements of Belvedere Elementary School (Omaha Public Schools) students. Initially an adopt-a-school relationship, Winners Circle grew into an achievement program. Initially an adopt-a-school relationship, Winners Circle grew into an achievement program modeled on a goal-setting and incentive system that Jerry, another self-made businessman, had been using to motivate his employees.

Partnership For All Our Kids, est. 2007

In 2007, Winners Circle and All Our Kids were married, forming Partnership For All Our Kids (later called Partnership 4 Kids). Philanthropists and community leaders, Dick and Mary Holland were responsible for precipitating the union, recognizing the potential to seamlessly walk a child from pre-kindergarten through high school. In thirty-four years, P4K has positioned hundreds of young people to create their unique pathway to success, finding employment and making a difference in the world.

Partnership 4 Kids Today

For over three decades, P4K has been serving Omaha’s youth with programming, services, and a continuum of support designed to steward them through critical academic transitions beginning in elementary school and continuing through postsecondary education. Today, P4K proudly serves more than 3,000 students at sixteen Omaha Public Schools and a variety of postsecondary institutions. At no cost to students or their families, P4K helps youth to develop hope and trust, both of which are critical a young person’s ability to plan for the future. Beginning in pre-kindergarten and continuing through college and into careers, P4K staff and AmeriCorps Service Members provide Omaha youth with a solid foundation for lifelong success.

Partnership 4 Kids is a proud member of MENTOR Nebraska.