Program Overview

P4K is a leading youth development nonprofit that provides long-term support for lifelong success. Career and skill-focused programming begins in pre-kindergarten and continues throughout a student’s academic journey. Today, P4K serves more than 3,000 students, pre-kindergarten through postsecondary, growing up in underserved neighborhoods. At no cost to students or their families, P4K helps youth to develop hope and trust, both of which are critical a young person’s ability to plan for the future.

Literacy & Goal Setting Program

Elementary | 2,222 Students

The Literacy Program promotes reading and regular school attendance among early learners, grades pre-K through 4th, with increased access to age-appropriate books and exposure to strong reading practices.

The Goal-Setting Program uses a small group mentoring model to engage 5th and 6th grade students in developing future-focused mindsets. Goal Buddies help their group of students practice goal setting and encourage students to begin exploring postsecondary and career possibilities.

College & Career Readiness Program

Middle School & High School | 600 Students

The P4K College & Career Readiness Program builds upon itself beginning in middle school and continuing throughout high school. We use a small group mentoring model to engage students in goal setting, career opportunities, healthy relationships, financial vitality, and postsecondary opportunities that reinforce learning objectives.

Postsecondary & Workforce Development Program

Postsecondary | 169 Students

P4K prepares high school students for a postsecondary plan, including 2- and 4-year colleges, military service, or the trades. P4K Scholarships are awarded to students who meet engagement criteria. P4K staff members provide critical case management to ensure postsecondary students have the resources and support necessary to persist in their chosen programs.

College & Career Corps

AmeriCorps at Partnership 4 Kids

Partnership 4 Kids is a proud host-site for AmeriCorps Service Members and AmeriCorps VISTAs who support our mission by working directly with students and in areas of recruitment, curriculum, and development.

P4K programs are supported in part by a grant from United Way of the Midlands.
P4K proudly participates in the AmeriCorps network of programs.