What are Families Saying?

“Thank you for investing in our children and many others!”

Stephen & Jane S.

“I was also born and raised in Omaha so I get to see the positive and negative changes here and in different communities that affect our lives. When I was younger, around the age of my son and daughter, there seemed to be many more community services open to us that were provided by either the state or private organizations. Those groups were the ones that kept a lot of the youth from steering in the wrong direction by using positive role models and fun but educational activities. From those times until now, there has been a shortage of positive role modeling. It could be blamed on parents, the music we listen to, or people that simply feel it is a losing battle. I personally feel that has all changed. With programs like Partnership 4 Kids we’re making a comeback.”

Steven A.

What are Students Saying?

“When I meet my goals, I know I’m making my future the best that it can be.”

Elementary Program Participant

“It’s been a rocky road, but the support from P4K has always been steady.”

High School Program Participant

“My mentor and other P4K students help me keep positive and it helps me feel better.”

High School Program Participant

“P4K is one of the best programs out there; they’re truly making a difference in our community.”

Postsecondary Program Participant

“P4K taught me how to handle myself in a professional manner. Learning basic skills like how to build a resume, create a portfolio of work, and dress for an interview.”

Program Graduate

“The program is more than mentors and students. It feels more like a family.”

Program Graduate

“I stayed with P4K because they saw something in me that I didn’t really know was there.”

Program Graduate